The KI is a non-for-profit Israeli institute whose mission is to improve health of human beings using computational health-based research.

We call machine learning experts to join our growing team of research associates



To make an impact​

on health and science by carrying out translatable studies related to health and healthcare

To promote

cutting-edge research methods related to computational health

To share

study outcomes with clinicians,
healthcare providers, and policymakers
for the benefit of people worldwide


Conducting advanced computational health research requires access to huge clinical datasets, strong technological infrastructure, and rich practical experience. The addition of machine learning tools and expertise helps to identify trends and risk factors to generate predictive models. This type of  research can lead to improved prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

The KI actively promotes health-related research by providing access to tools and framework that enable researchers to carry out innovative studies.


Massive, detailed, de-identified Electronic Health Record datasets, ready for research

Data scientists

Best of breed data scientists, with proven academic and practical  experience.


State of the art framework, enabling the implementation of agile and diverse machine learning based research 


Privately funded grants to cover costs throughout research and publication

The KI institute

The KI’s founder has a wealth of experience in developing top AI technology.

Nir Kalkstein is ranked as Grandmaster, a title reserved for the top 100 machine learning experts in Kaggle, the largest and most diverse data community in the world

In the late 1990’s, Nir Kalkstein founded Final which became a world leader in automated trading algorithms. The company specialized in the development of artificial intelligence algorithms for the prediction of future stock prices.  Following numerous other outstanding achievements, Nir founded Medial EarlySign, which develops proprietary machine learning platforms. This technology enables rapid analysis of millions of electronic health records to identify patients at highest risk for life-altering outcomes.

Programs developed by Medial EarlySign are implemented in healthcare organizations worldwide, saving lives while reducing healthcare costs.

Nir Kalkstein has gathered a team of dedicated data scientists with rich and diverse experience in the field of computational health. The KI, a non-profit foundation, promotes the use of big data analytics in academic and practical health and medical research.


Computational Health Research

The enormous quantities of medical data that have been amassed as a result of computerized healthcare offer amazing research opportunities, but present major technical challenges. Using computational health methods such as machine learning and big data analysis, we can rapidly find complex connections and trends hidden within data to develop models that can predict disease, identify groups at increased risk, and much more.

The KI was founded to promote health and medical research by offering access to its data, high-quality infrastructure, machine learning expertise, and the combined experience of its team members in the field of computational health.

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